Growing up, she didn’t know she would scoop cat poop for a living…

Alice Chau-Ginguene is a Cat Sitter and Behaviourist, she spends 90% of her waking hours with a wide variety of cats (and sometimes their human…) When she is not working with cats, she is writing about cats. You can join her on her adventure (and misadventure) on this blog.

She is the founder of numerous non profit initiative for cats – Hungry Maow Cat Food Collection, “Your Car Is Too Hot” campaign, and The Warmest Spot Cat Memorial.

As well as being a member of Pet Sitters InternationalAnimal Behavior SocietyInternational Cat CareIrish Writers’ Union and Alliance of Independent Authors, she is also a Canine First Response Instructor.

Her work has been featured on Irish ExaminerIrish Mirror and Dublin City FM.

She has recently been offered a place for Master of Science in Animal Behaviour and Welfare in the Queen’s University Belfast, she plans to start her study on 2018.

In her past life, she worked as Executive Officer for the Hong Kong Government, Logistic Manager for a trading company in Paris and Personal Assistant for a bank in Dublin. Alice also has a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies, specialized in French Language, Culture & Civilization, from the University of Hong Kong.  Her graduation research titled “Globalization And It’s Effects On French Culture”.

She is married, a mother of one human and two cats. She has moved from Hong Kong to Paris, then to Dublin with one of her cats – LarmLarm. He has been her confidant for 13 years. He has travelled 10627.48km with her. Her second cat – Fafa, joined the family on 2009, just the day before her wedding.

Alice has been a volunteer mentor for the University of Hong Kong – her alma mater for the past 12 years. She is also known to have an insane wide range of hobbies – knitting, reading, ukulele, sewing, oil painting, interior designs, yoga, thrifting, calligraphy, singing, traveling, etc. She even had a go with French boxing when she lived in Paris. Obviously, she is going through her ‘writing phase’ at the moment. She is currently a contributor for the award winning cat blog – Katzenworld.

You want to know how she became a cat sitter? Her journey started here….

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